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Lasting Change
and Acceptance

When you work with us you will notice that our approach to therapy emphasizes two components:


Lasting Change

First, we are not interested in gimmicks that only bring temporary relief.

Our approach to therapy brings about lasting change through tested methods including insight into your current problems, a place to comfortably express yourself, and a warm relationship.


Second, our expert Baltimore therapists work to understand and accept all
of you.

You don’t have to pick and choose the parts of yourself to show us.


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Our Team


We work to earn your trust by cultivating a team of Baltimore psychologists, counselors, and social workers who are down-to-earth and interested in regularly honing the craft of therapy to best respond to your needs. End your search for Baltimore therapists near me with us. 


Zak Fusciello, M.S.

LCPC, Licensed Counselor Baltimore, MD

Zak enjoys working with individuals and couples coming to him with relationship conflict, depression, anxiety, sexuality concerns, substance misuse, lack of motivation, ADD/ADHD, and stalled creativity. His clients have described him as an attuned counselor who can’t be shocked – and he knows when to use humor to help get a point across.  

Zak works with individuals and couples.

In therapy, he focuses on:

  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • sexuality concerns,
  • substance and alcohol misuse,
  • relationship concerns, and
  • stalled creativity and motivation.

Clients describe him as:

  • warm,
  • genuine,
  • funny,
  • and pragmatic.

Heather Z. Lyons, PhD

Licensed Psychologist Baltimore, MD

Heather works with individuals and couples who because of fighting, miscommunication, failures of trust, or shyness and fear, miss out on the intimacy and support of healthy relationships. Her clients have said that because of her gentleness she can get away with the direct and sometimes difficult feedback she uses to help clients reach their goals.

Heather works with individuals and couples.

In therapy, she focuses on:

  • relationship concerns,
  • depression, and
  • culture and discrimination.

Clients describe her as:

  • thoughtful, 
  • gentle, 
  • direct, and
  • nonjudgmental.




    Cassie Ekstrom, LCSW-C.

    LCsw-c, Licensed social worker
    Baltimore, MD

    Cassie works with individuals and partners in therapy who are struggling with loss of connection, life transitions, identity concerns, sadness, anxiety, and addiction.  Her clients have noted that she is smart, grounded, and compassionate. 

    In therapy, she focuses on:

    • anxiety

    • depression, including post-partum depression

    • addictions

    • career and life changes 

    • fighting or loss of connection in relationships
    • trauma

    • trans and gender diverse individuals

    • LGB individuals

    Clients describe her as:

    • smart,

    • direct,

    • grounded,

    • and calm.

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