Our Process

We’re Here to Help You Find Lasting Change.


Our down-to-earth therapists build a personalized plan together with you.


Decades of research and our own experience tell us that lasting change is the result of three elements: A warm relationship where you feel understood, the ability to express yourself, and the development of insight.  These three elements put you on the path to enacting long-lasting change. This is how we do it. 




We Get to Know You

We spend the first two sessions getting to know you with what’s called an intake.

During the intake our Baltimore therapists learn what brought you into therapy, how your background shapes who you are, and what you hope to get out of the process.

Getting to know you helps ensure that we are on the same page. You should agree with your therapist on the goals for therapy and how you will work with your therapist to meet those goals.



Build Rapport

Earning your trust
and building a strong relationship with you happens when we show you consistency and professionalism.

We prioritize our relationship with you because decades of research confirms that the relationship you build with your therapist is the strongest determinant of success in therapy.

Plus, the relationship you build with your therapist also comes to be a trusting place where you can experiment with how you might grow to take risks and engage with others. 



Connect the Dots

In therapy you can transform what you thought were random interactions, feelings or events into a clear, focused picture. 

By listening intently to your personal story and asking thought-provoking questions, our expert Baltimore therapists work with you to search for themes, patterns, and connecting threads.

We share our observations in a respectful and caring way that helps you create meaning. You may be surprised by the insight you can gain even early in therapy. 



Emotional Expression

Expressing your emotions in the presence of someone else can be an uncomfortable proposition.

You might ask: Will I be forced to express my emotions? Will I be able to stop? Will I feel embarrassed? You decide when or how to express yourself.

Furthermore, when you express yourself with an accepting therapist who can help you understand why you feel the way you do, you gain more control over your emotions.



Lasting Change

Therapy should provide more for you than a fleeting quick fix.

Therapy should lead to lasting change that helps you feel better and do more.

Bringing together each element of our approach to therapy - getting to know you, building rapport, helping you connect the dots, and engaging in emotional expression - gets you to the root of the problem so that changes you make in therapy generalize to your life outside of therapy.


We Have a Place for You.



Whatever your therapy needs,
we have a place for you.


We provide individual therapy, couples & marriage counseling, and premarital counseling with an emphasis on acceptance and diversity.

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Individual therapy

Are you having difficulty getting a handle on anxiety, depression or relationship and career difficulties? Therapy that integrates true insight and a place to be seen and heard will help you find relief. 

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Couples & Marriage Counseling

Conflict and disconnection in your intimate relationships can make every aspect of your life feel overwhelming. Increase communication and connection and decrease conflict and resentment in your relationship with couples counseling, marriage counseling or marital therapy.

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Premarital Counseling

Choosing a life together is a big step. Take inventory of your relationship with our personalized assessments and then learn about your relationship’s unique strengths and the the communication skills needed to create a lasting, meaningful future together.


People from diverse cultural backgrounds, racial and ethnic groups, and sexual orientations find warmth and compassion here.


Group THerapy

We are now able to offer group therapy. According to the American Psychological Association "group therapy provides benefits that individual therapy may not." These benefits include recognizing that you are not alone in your problems,  getting feedback about how others perceive you, and finding your "voice". 



Reasonable and
Stress-Free Payment


Therapy is an investment in your well-being, relationships, creativity, and productivity. However, paying for therapy shouldn’t create its own stress.  


We File Your
Insurance Claims

For a variety of reasons including concern for your privacy, we have chosen not to sit on insurance panels. However, unlike most other out-of-network counselors and psychologists in the area, we submit insurance claims for you - if you choose - to help ease the reimbursement process.


Fees on Par with
Area Averages

While maintaining a high quality of care, we work to keep our costs on par with area averages. With all services our rates are on par with area averages per the Fair Health Consumer Medical Lookup Guide.


Choice of Payment Methods

We offer you a choice of payment methods including credit cards, health savings accounts (HSA), check, or cash. Payment is accepted at the close of each session. 


Find out why therapy with us works.

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