Heather Z. Lyons, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Therapist in Baltimore


Heather Z. Lyons, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Professor of Psychology

Fellow, American Psychological Association


I see individuals and couples who because of fighting, miscommunication, failures of trust, or shyness and fear, miss out on the intimacy and support of healthy relationships. 


Therapy Specialties

Relationship and family distress, depression and sadness, stressors related to cultural background, sexual orientation

I help you better understand and communicate your needs.

Using insight-oriented therapy we can discover why it has been difficult for you to get these needs met. What have the obstacles been? Where did they come from? How can these needs be met in your current relationship? Ultimately, it is my goal to help you answer these questions and help you engage in more enriching relationships. 

Insight, which can be thought of as an “Ah-ha” moment, can occur in many ways including working to find patterns or themes in your story. I also use the relationship that forms between us to mine for insight. Clients each relate to me in their own way, I provide you feedback about what is unique and effective about your ways of relating and what might be holding you back. 

I listen intently. The more I listen, the better I can help you appreciate and leverage your unique strengths. I also work to form a trusting relationship with you - we’ll need it because we’ll be working hard together. 

You’ll always feel support but sometimes the truths that we confront together will be difficult. Often, this is part of the growth process and it helps to have the support of your therapist.  In order to move beyond difficult emotions or events, it is sometimes necessary to experience them in a deeper way.

The last time another psychologist referred a client to me (one of her friends) she said “I thought of you for my friend because you’re gentle but you’ll tell her the truth.” From our first session that’s what I’ll aim to do - support you while uncovering the truth.

Clients describe Heather as thoughtful, gentle, direct, and nonjudgemental.

Post graduate training includes:

  • Gottman Level 1 Certified

  • Four-Day Emotion Focused Couples Therapy Externship

Gottman Approved Member

Educational Background


B.A., Northeastern University (Psychology and Women’s Studies)

M.S., Ph.D., University of Maryland (Counseling Psychology)

Georgia State University (APA-Approved Doctoral Internship)



Other Practitioners


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Erin Spahr, M.S.

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