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Learn to Listen and
Understand One Another


Perhaps you, like most people in relationships, think that the relationship will get better with time - or maybe the problems are too painful to face. However, you’re now ready to reach out for couples counseling or marriage therapy. 

Are you coming in for: 

  • Fighting?
  • Infidelity?
  • Misunderstandings?
  • Poor communication?
  • Lack of sexual intimacy?
  • Emotional disconnection?
  • Difficulty dividing household responsibilities?

The good news is that couples and marriage counseling is highly effective. 70-75% of couples successfully meet their goals in couples counseling and are overwhelmingly inoculated against relapse when using one of the research-based methods  our couples counselors receive post-graduate training in: Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Gottman approach


Our couples therapists engage in post-graduate training in empirically-supported couples counseling approaches to most successfully serve you.

What's Old is New

Couples counseling works by first helping you both understand your current conflict and the meaning it holds for each of you. The conflict and disconnection that your relationship is experiencing in the present sometimes originates from each partner’s pain, perhaps from a previous relationship or even early childhood family experiences.

Some of your current conflicts may have older, familiar themes. Our couples counseling in Baltimore experts can help you both discern these themes, how they are causing interference in your relationship and begin the process of letting them go.


Lower Your Frustration

Our Baltimore couples counselors and marriage therapists then work to identify your current responses to conflict. You’re doing the best you can at the moment. Your current responses to conflict represent your best attempt to make a connection or bring calm to the relationship. However, you might feel like it’s not enough.

It may feel like your good intentions are getting lost and adding to your frustration. The good news is that with some modifications, each of you can begin to respond to conflict in a healthier, more effective manner right away with marriage therapy, marital therapy, or couples counseling.


Become Unstuck

Moving you beyond current ways of engaging to more effective ways of reaching and respecting each other is the goal of couples counseling, marriage therapy and marital therapy.

Ultimately, couples counseling, marriage therapy and marital therapy can help you decrease your conflict and increase your connection. Learning new ways of communicating means that you can become unstuck. 


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