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Zak Fusciello, Licensed Counselor, Therapist in Baltimore


Zak Fusciello, M.S., LCPC

Licensed Counselor,

Baltimore, MD

MD #LC7435


Whether you are struggling with interpersonal conflict, intimate relationship issues, difficulty coping without drugs or alcohol, depression, anxiety, or are just feeling "stuck," seeking a therapeutic relationship that fits well with you is often the first step towards feeling more self-empowered.


Therapy Specialties

Relationship distress, family of origin concerns, parenting difficulties, depression and sadness, anxiety and stress, cultural identity, sexual orientation, substance misuse

From our first session, I strive to develop a real connection with you.

This is where you can let down your guard and express yourself in an open, judgement-free environment. Often your true thoughts, emotions and needs get clouded or pushed aside by the needs, expectations and perceptions of the people in your life.  Having this open environment to explore and identify these essential aspects of you is vital to our work together

I take our work seriously but I also recognize that relief and even new understanding can be found with humor. Tapping into your humor can be a source of strength and insight and can help make sense of confusing or difficult emotions. 

I also listen intently and help you recognize your strengths as well as  patterns in your relationships and approaches to life that may holding you back from where you want to be in your life. Together, we can connect the dots of your life to see the full picture of who you are and who you want to be.

Previous to becoming a counselor, I enjoyed a career as a professional musician and was on the faculty in Towson University’s Department of Dance. I made a midlife career change to counseling at the same time I became a father so I understand first-hand the challenges of juggling the demands of work and family. Since transitioning in my career I found therapy to be the perfect vehicle for personal growth and self-empowerment that, like the arts, combines structure with improvisation, and creativity with tangible ideas. Because of this background, I have derived immense satisfaction from working with artists and creative people.


Educational Background


B.A., St. Mary's College of Maryland (Sociology/Anthropology)

M.S., Loyola University Maryland (Counseling Pyschology)



Other Practitioners


Heather Z. Lyons, PhD


Heather works with individuals and couples who because of fighting, miscommunication, failures of trust, or shyness and fear, miss out on the intimacy and support of healthy relationships. Her clients have said that because of her gentleness she can get away with the direct and sometimes difficult feedback she uses to help clients reach their goals.


Shira Concool, M.A.


Shira works with individuals and partners who are struggling with their identities, missing opportunities to be their truest selves and finding it hard to share their gifts and strengths.  Her clients have noted that she is caring, knowledgeable, unafraid to “go there,” and skilled in creating an environment where they can be vulnerable and grow.


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