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Group Therapy

A Unique Type of Therapy that Mimics Real Life


In individual therapy your therapist only hears "your side" but in group therapy with Baltimore Therapy Group your therapist gets to learn how you really interact with others.

Group therapy is great for dealing with feeling different and awkward, learning how to communicate more clearly, engaging in healthy conflict, and feeling better about who you are.

Feel understood in a new way

Many of us feel alone and different due to the challenges and struggles that we face. Although it will likely feel odd at first, sharing your struggles and triumphs with your fellow group members is a powerful  healing experience. 


Group therapy provides a space for you to try being more assertive or feeling what it’s like to bite your tongue and not share something instantly. Group therapy aims to help you become a master of communication. That will, in time, lead to closer connections to others while gaining validation, support, and a sense of belonging. 

Join AN Evening time that works

Finding evening therapy appointments in the Baltimore/Towson area is a serious challenge. For that reason, we've reserved an evening time for our therapy group clients. Plus, group therapy has a lower fee than individual therapy.